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In Loving Memory Gabreal Suzanne Gardner was born to Angela Janet Gardner and Donald Lynn Eithun on June 9, 1975. Her grandfather looked at her mom and said, “My rose just had a rosebud” and the nickname “rosebud” stuck with Gabi throughout her life. She was born and raised in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Gabi was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She had strong faith and was a light to all whom she met. Gabi met countless numbers of friends along her journey...all of whom say she was the “rock” they needed, at the time their paths crossed. Even though her life had many challenges, she showed strength and courage and persevered.

Her smile was infectious and her humor inviting. The world was a better place because of Gabi. She met many of her lifelong friends while attending school...grade school on up through college. If you knew Gabi, you knew she was a walking encyclopedia/dictionary...and her grades excelled. She was naturally smart. That, along with her quick wit, kept her family and friends always on their toes.

Speaking of toes, Gabi was often found fidgeting with her toes...and her nose. Gabi was talented and artistic in so many ways. Gabi could play many musical instruments. She played the viola in orchestra from grade school through high school. She loved to sing and was in many school and church choirs and a trio during college. She played sports, including softball. But, her greatest love was dance. She LOVED to dance! She spent many years at Mauldin’s Dance Academy, participating and teaching, making and sewing costumes, helping backstage, and to put the productions together. She danced until her body couldn’t do it anymore...developing conditions that later in her life would be diagnosed as lupus. Gabi also loved drama and acting. She was in many plays at Twin Falls High School and at College of Southern Idaho.

Gabi loved broadways and musicals...and was often found singing along with them. Gabi spoke French fluently and always dreamed of going to Paris, France one day. Gabi loved all animals. She especially loved cats and had many throughout her life, naming each and every one of them. She always found room for any that needed her care, too. Gabi loved the outdoors, and spent many weekends camping with her sister and her grandparents and attended church girls’ camp during her teen years.

When she was 21, she moved to Los Angeles, CA wanting to spread her wings and go after her dreams. She lived there for about 15 years enjoying the mild, warmer weather and, another plus, having the medical professionals there that could best help her with lupus. She returned to Twin Falls, wanting to be closer to family, with the love of her life, Megan Thompson.

Their love for each other saw them through many trials/ hardships and gave them hope for a brighter future. Together, they were a safe place for each other. Gabi’s younger sisters, LaNora Pakorney and Brittanie Thornton, and her younger brother, Ryan Thornton, meant the world to her. They all were very close and loved “Sib Night”.

Gabi also loved her siblings Cora Kruzicki and Ben Eithun. Another friend said this of Gabi...that there are people who are just too beautiful to stay in this world. Gabi is one of those...a kind and beautiful soul. Although we are saddened of her passing, we know she is dancing and singing in heaven, watching over all of us...and, most importantly, free of pain.

She will forever be remembered by those who loved her. For us, it is not goodbye, but “we’ll see you again soon”. 

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